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Great Times In Okinawa For All.

We love Okinawa for everything it has to offer from top to bottom.

Starting down at Naha you have a vibrant bustling International airport with a sprawling city offering a myriad of treats for visitors and locals alike. Go on some sea adventures or head out to other islands based in the area, Naha is a great place to start your travels.

As you start to move up the Island you will see a greater influence of the American military who inhabit the island with large airbases and restaurants for their staple diet. 

Visit the amazing American village in Chatan and keep going up route 58 until you hit Onna where the tourist come in the thousands each year for the great hotels, beaches, and snorkeling plus much more. Onna does not have a supermarket oddly enough but there are hundreds of great cafes and eateries as you go.

Driving further up the coast you will soon come to Nago the home of Orion Breweries and much more. Nago is the start of some really beautiful natural beaches which are untouched by sea walls offering golden/white sandy beaches to swim and play.

Head up once more to Motobu and see Sesoko Island which is the home of the Hilton Hotel, Sesoko Beach, and wonderful people including yours truly.

Motobu is also the host of the Churaumi Aquarium which is the largest aquarium of its kind. The area covers a vast amount of land which includes a massive park, a botanical garden, and much more.

Situated right next to the park is Bise village which is walkable from the aquarium. Bise is over 400 years old with lovely arched tree ways and paths that lead you towards a great beach.

While you’re around head out to Emerald beach which is directly in front of the Orion Hotel, it won’t disappoint anyone.

We are not done yet! Now you can travel slightly north a little more and see some other fabulous islands in the Nakajin area including heart rock and the famously long bridge that leads out to Kouri Island.

Once you leave this area and head north, even more, you will be leaving the bulk of civilization behind you as you drive about 35km up towards the famous Cape Hedo which is the main island’s most northern spot. 

Now you can cruise on down the other side of the island still using route 58 on the Pacific Ocean side. It will take you a day to drive around without experiencing anything or up to 4 days if you want to take in the sights adequately. If you have the time give it a week and really enjoy what Okinawa has on offer including Blue Seal ice cream.


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